About us

Carruajes Alba is a company from Seville, established in Lebrija, specialized in the field of restoration and conservation of carriages and movable properties of an artistic historical character and has more than 25 years of experience.

The methodology used in our projects is based on two pillars: a comprehensive analysis and research for the understanding of the work, considering material, technological, aesthetic, historical and cultural aspects, whose results would appear in a report, and a respectful intervention that ensures the same conservation and maintenance. We have a multidisciplinary team formed by restorers, art historians and specialists in conservation, restoration and protection of cultural heritage. We have a consulting service specialized in valuations of carriages for museums and private collections.

In our restoration centre we offer a wide range of services. Among them you can find everything from routine maintenance and small repairs of carriages, textiles, embroidery or trimming, to complete restorations respecting the original form of the work always ensuring their conservation and continuity over time.

Our workshops are equipped with all the necessary tools, many of them original and contemporary at the time of manufacture of some types of carriages, for the complete intervention process without having to move any work outside our facilities. In addition, our teams of craftsmen have the highest technical levels, always doing all their work with the usual care and dedication always present in our workshops.

The great authenticity and respect in our restoration work and careful treatment and completion of our interventions have allowed us to participate in numerous projects for museums, private collections and enthusiasts of carriages in general, internationally.